Vicky The BassPlayer

For booking info:

The Girlz bring an exciting show with dance music from many eras, or enjoyable background jazz and current ballads. Orginally started by Jeff Nuss, in 2004, they have played weekly gigs at both The Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, The Top of the Mark, San Francisco, and countless private parties for many years. They are super professional, and they have a long, long Song List
. Please inquire for casuals, and other fun events..
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With the amazing sound of singer, Jaque Herrera leading the melodies, keyboardist,Angie Spinnelli and bassist, Vicky Grossi lay down an unshakable foundation.  They play an interesting array of songs, and never fail to deliver the requests; they're musically "happening"!  Vicky, Jaque and Angie play in many cover bands and have many different styles to bring. They are very High-Energy...AND SUPER FUN TO WATCH!!!. 

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