Vicky The BassPlayer
Slydini formed when four musicians decided it was time to write tunes that explore the freakier side of music while keeping their sonic distortions anchored in a solid groove. The group blends a wide range of stylistic influences into a cohesive whole (think 70's Miles Davis, King Crimson, Burt Bacharach, John Coltrane meets Bela Bartok).

Drummer Jan Jackson and bassist Vicky Grossi lay down a unshakable foundation upon which the sounds of saxophonist John Ingle and guitarist Bill Wolter overlay intricate melodies. This musical amalgam produces flowing melodic ideas juxtaposed over an ever-changing metric frame. The music is hummable, varied and expansive in its moods, and promises to excite.

Slydini's members have experience performing with such musical luminaries as Stevie Wonder, Chuck Berry, Wadada Leo Smith, Fred Frith, , Nancy Sinatra,Will Bernard, Mitch Marcus, Alex Skolnick, and many others. Very fun; very high-energy-sonically pleasing and sometimes humerous and obnoxious.

For booking info please contact 415.710.4858 or 510-594-0969


Demo Tracks:
Ded X (by Jan Jackson) 4.93 MB
U Knew (by Vicky Grossi) 3.65 MB

Old Photos
Live at Bruno's - April 26, 2003
2389 Mission St. - San Francisco